DMS800 Vocal Set D5


DMS800 Vocal Set D5 112 MHz ultrawide frequency range - Image

112 MHz ultrawide frequency range

Ideal for worldwide touring in frequency-crowded environments

DMS800 Vocal Set D5 512-Bit encryption - Image

512-Bit encryption

Provides state-of-the-art protection for sensitive audio information

DMS800 Vocal Set D5 Digital wireless audio transmission - Image

Digital wireless audio transmission

Eliminates any distortion and significant noise level

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Be heard

The DMS800 Vocal Set D5 is a reference digital wireless system available for Band1. The set includes the DSR800 reference two-channel digital wireless receiver, a pair of DHT800 wireless handheld transmitters, and two D5 WL1 microphone heads. The DSR800 receiver provides an ultra-wide bandwidth of up to 112MHz for reliable and versatile operation, while the DHT800 transmitters deliver durability, easy handling and dependability. The set’s two D5 WL1 dynamic microphone heads provide powerful, crisp sound to cut through every mix or deliver on even the noisiest stage. Rounding out the set is a pair of stand adapters for the DHT800 transmitters. The DMS800 Vocal Set D5 is only available in the US.

General Specifications


What's in The Box?

  • 1 x DSR800 Receiver
  • 2 x DHT800 Handheld Transmitters
  • 2 x D5 WL1 Microphone Heads
  • 4 x AA Size Batteries
  • 2 x SA63 Stand Adapters

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