D190 E / D190 ES (discontinued)


Cardioid polar pattern; excellent general-purpose microphone; complete with stand adapter, rugged construction; shock mounted transducer. Cardioid dynamic microphone with a rugged sintered bronze cap that doubles as a windscreen. Recommended for many applications, proven general-purpose microphone for decades. The cardioid pattern controls feedback in live sound applications and rejects unwanted noise in recording use. Its smooth frequency response makes the D190 E/ES equally suitable for general purpose speech or instrument applications. Complete with SA60 stand adapter for mounting on floor or table stands. Rugged construction, shock mounted transducer capsule, frequency response optimized for intelligibility of speech. The model D190 ES incorporates a noiseless on/off switch.

Item# D190 E / D190 ES_

General Specifications

Finish - Black Yes

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