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Please read our support materials and FAQs. If these do not resolve the issue:

  1. Fill in the form below.
  2. IMPORTANT: you will receive an email requesting you to reply with:
    • A legible copy of your original purchase receipt or invoice showing the name of the seller, product and date purchased.
    • Your shipping address (no POs or APOs please).
    • The product’s serial number, if available. The format will look something like this: AB0123-CD456789
  3. After we receive your reply, a Customer Service agent will contact you within 24-48 hours.

Note: the Warranty Card provided with your AKG product contains the full terms and conditions of your warranty.

This warranty protects you for a specific period (“Warranty Period”) from your date of purchase as stated in your bill of sale or as otherwise established by Harman. The specific Warranty Period applicable to this product varies for each product type or model, and is determined in accordance with the Warranty Period Table below. If there is no Warranty Period expressly stated in the Warranty Period Table below for any particular product that you have purchased, then, to the fullest extent allowed by law, no warranty is provided for such product. Any warranty service or parts replacement will not extend the Warranty Period. Any warranty replacement parts or product will assume only the remainder of Warranty Period of the original product.

Warranty Period Table: (USA Only)

3 Year Warranty Period for the Following Product Models or Type:
C451 B (all models);
C480 B, C480 B-ULS, and all ULS Capsules;
C12 VR; C414 (all models); C214 (all models)
CM311 (all models); MB3; MB4;
PCC130; PCC130SW; PCC160; PCC170; PCC170SW; PCC170SWO;
PZM185; PZM30D; PZM6D;

Lifetime Warranty Period (if purchaser is an individual; 2 year warranty period if purchaser is a legal entity) for the Following Product Models or Type:
D5, D7, D5C and D7C

For all other products, please refer to the warranty card included with your unit.

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