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5 Ways to Make the AKG Lyra USB Microphone the Center of Your Creative Universe

By Sarah Jones

As we all find ourselves spending more time at home these days, studio rigs are doubling as videoconferencing, podcasting and live-streaming tools. When you’re considering new studio gear, it makes sense to focus on versatile tools that excel in any recording scenario.

The AKG Lyra Ultra HD multimode USB microphone delivers professional-sounding audio for all of your creative projects. With pristine sound quality, four capture modes, intuitive on-mic controls and easy plug-and-play operation, Lyra is perfect for performers, content creators, presenters and gamers.

With Lyra, you’ll be up and running in no time, whatever your experience level. There’s no assembly, no need for extra gear like audio interfaces, no fiddling with software settings—it just works, out of the box.

Check out a few ways you can use AKG Lyra to supercharge your creative productions with professional-grade, 4K-compatible, Ultra HD audio:

Lyra brings legendary AKG acoustic engineering to a plug-and-play, multimode USB microphone that delivers the highest-quality audio in its class. (Need a quick refresher on microphone basics? Click here.) The versatile Lyra really has it all: Outside, this stylish, camera-ready beauty sports a retro-modern design that evokes classic AKG microphones; inside, a four-capsule condenser mic features AKG’s Adaptive Array technology, which lets you tailor the mic’s focus with four selectable pick-up patterns optimized for sources ranging from single voices to full ensembles. Other exclusive features include internal noise-minimizing technology and convenient on-mic controls for mode selection, signal level and mute, plus a dedicated headphone output for zero-latency monitoring.

Take a quick video tour of Lyra’s features:

1. Capture Pro-Quality Sound on any Device

Let’s face it: When you’re on the go, nothing beats the convenience of recording with a mobile device—but the audio capabilities of your phone or tablet are seriously lacking. Since AKG Lyra is Mac, PC, iOS and Android compatible, it’s sure to elevate any recording scenario. You’ll need to make sure that your devices meet Lyra’s minimum requirements, but no drivers are necessary—just plug the included USB cable into your Lyra and device and you’re ready to record. (Learn more tricks for using Lyra to capture studio-quality sound using your smartphone.)

Watch this step-by-step tutorial for connecting Lyra to all of your devices:

2. Channel Your Inner Record Producer with Capture Modes

Lyra’s four capture modes let you record crystal-clear, 4K-compatible, Ultra HD audio in any studio situation, whether you’re tracking a single source or a group:

  • Front—isolates a target source from distracting background noise by rejecting unwanted sounds at the microphone back and sides. It’s perfect for recording or live-streaming narrators and voiceovers, singers or close-miked instruments.

  • Front & Back—captures and blends sound equally on all sides; ideal for face-to-face interviews and duet performances.

  • Tight Stereo—captures audio in true stereo, providing separation for side-by-side conversations or recording instruments such as drums and piano.

  • Wide Stereo—captures audio with greater stereo separation, room ambience and depth, for situations where you want to capture sounds all around the mic, such as recording large ensembles, ambient sounds and field recordings.

Dive deeper into using capture modes:

3. Bring Professional Polish to Your Podcasts

Podcast audio is all about clarity and speech intelligibility; a professional-sounding podcast shows your listeners that you take your content seriously and they should, too.

With the AKG Lyra microphone, you can rely on a single-mic rig that’ll capture you and your guests in high-resolution, natural, clear sound. Lyra can be placed on a desk, stand or boom arm, letting you experiment with a range of setups. Then, it’s just a matter of firing up your DAW and hitting Record.

If you’re just starting out podcasting, get up and running right away with the AKG Podcaster Essentials toolkit, which includes the AKG Lyra USB microphone, AKG K371 professional over-ear, closed-back headphones, and free downloads of Ableton Live 10 Lite and a 4-part recording course from Berklee Online. (Explore more tips for livestreaming from home.)

Check out more tips for recording podcasts with Lyra:

4. Level Up Your YouTube Content

Fun fact: Six out of ten people prefer online videos to live television. But with more than 500 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute, you’re facing a lot of competition. Help your content rise above the noise with a professionally produced soundtrack—which is made so much simpler when you can tailor your mic focus to your source using Lyra’s capture modes. Whether you’re producing music, vlogs or tutorials, it’s easy to match Lyra to any sound on set. Try these pro tricks for optimizing audio for Youtube:

5. Win at Web Conferencing

In the age of social distancing, it’s important to find creative ways to stay connected with teachers, coworkers, friends and family. If you’re spending long hours on Zoom and other web conferencing platforms, you already know how frustrating it can be to communicate in a less-than-ideal audio environment. Ensure you’re clearly heard by optimizing your internet performance, minimizing background noise and upgrading from your device’s subpar built-in microphone to a studio-quality AKG Lyra microphone. Lyra makes it easy for your voice to stand out during web conferences, whether you’re working on a computer, tablet or phone.

From setting up your mic to managing input and output settings, try these tips for sounding your best on conference calls:

Whether you’re presenting a killer presentation, recording your next big hit, teaching a class or crushing it at your favorite video game, count on the AKG Lyra multimode microphone to capture any source in crystal clear, high-definition audio. It’s a do-it-all mic that’ll exceed your expectations in any setting. Capturing professional sound doesn’t get easier than this.

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