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9 pro tips for livestreaming your show from home

If you’re like most musicians, gigs are your lifeblood. But when you can’t connect with your audience in person, livestreaming is your best opportunity to gain new fans and generate income while building momentum for your next show.

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How to Pick Professional Headphones for Any Scenario

What’s your most-used piece of audio gear? You probably don’t need us to tell you that it’s your headphones. Headphones provide a consistent audio reference in a variety of environments, they’re essential tools for evaluating the fine details in your mix—and they do it without annoying the neighbors.

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Comparing digital & analog wireless mic systems

Since the release of AKG’s new DMS 100 and DMS 300 digital wireless systems, we’ve fielded lots of questions about the differences between digital and analog systems, so we thought it would be helpful to explain the benefits of each.

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How to choose the right microphone to record anything

Choosing the right mic is more art than science, and involves trial and error. Getting to know the “sound” of the mics you own and learning how they perform in different scenarios are the first steps toward making professional-sounding recordings at home.

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Pro sound for work-at-home professionals

Whether your home office or classroom is temporary or permanent, HARMAN has affordable, easy-to-use tools that will help you communicate with clarity and focus on the task at hand.

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7 ways to sound better on a conference call

Conferencing services like Zoom, Skype and Webex bring familiar faces right to your screen—and chances are, conference calls are becoming a central part of your life right now.

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How to get studio-quality sound from your smartphone with AKG Lyra

Whether you’re recording a podcast or voiceover, making field recordings, capturing audio inspiration on the go, or live streaming to your fans, nothing beats the convenience and portability of a smartphone.

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AKG DMS300 Digital Wireless Systems Earn High Praise from Performer Magazine

Wireless microphone systems have come a long way over the years, and the AKG DMS300 digital system is no exception. Once thought of as inferior to their wired counterparts, many wireless systems like DMS300 not only sound just as good—if not better—than wired systems.

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