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Content Creator Studio Bundle
AKG Lyra - Silver - Ultra-HD Multimode USB Microphone  - Hero
K371 - Black - Over-ear, closed-back, foldable studio headphones  - Hero
Content Creator Studio Bundle

Content Creator Studio Bundle

The AKG and JBL CONTENT CREATOR STUDIO bundle provides everything you need to transform your computer, tablet or phone into a professional-quality Content Creation studio. The Content Creator bundle features an AKG Lyra Ultra HD multimode USB microphone, AKG K371 professional closed-back headphones, JBL 104-BT compact desktop monitors and is rounded out with the included Ableton Live 10 Lite audio-production software. You’ll be ready to create in minutes with all the tools optimized for capturing high-quality audio and playback monitoring.


Content Creator Studio Bundle


AKG Lyra

Ultra-HD Multimode USB Microphone

$125.00 125.0 each
$155.00 Save 19%
Quantity: 1

Over-ear, closed-back, foldable studio headphones

$155.00 155.0 each
Quantity: 1

$445.55 445.55
$499.00 Save 11%