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Introducing AKG Foldable Studio Headphones

Superb accuracy and rugged design for today’s mobile production

The AKG Foldable Studio Headphones Line is built on a legacy of 70 years of quality, and features our latest transducer and acoustic technologies. As a result, the family delivers unparalleled audio performance for musicians, engineers, and producers who need superb accuracy from reliable headphones that stand up to today's mobile lifestyle.

Just pick them up and you’ll immediately find the roadworthy design takes away the worry of damage while traveling. Try them on and you’ll realize they still provide the superior studio quality sound you expect from AKG. And you’ll never get tired of wearing AKG foldable studio headphones because their ergonomic design provides a comfortable fit—even during long sessions.

As the gold standard of professional-quality sound with over one million studio headphones sold, AKG knows what it takes to build world-class headphones—high-quality, durable parts working together to provide amazing sound matched with optimal fit and comfort.

Legendary AKG Studio performance and comfort
Over-ear, closed-back design

Largest-in-class transducers
for greater low-frequency extension

Best-in-class frequency response
for unrivaled clarity and detail

Superior sensitivity and low impedance
provide maximum output with a broad range of playback devices

Foldable, ergonomic design
allows you to take studio-quality sound with you—fitting right into your backpack or computer bag

Headband self-adjusts for a perfect fit
every time you put them on

Slow-retention foam ear pads
ensure a comfortable, secure fit that also maximizes acoustic isolation

Extreme AKG testing regimen
ensures reliability even after heavy use

Durable all-metal hinge
designed for years of use

Replaceable cable
to maximize value and investment

Product Portfolio

Product comparison







On-ear, closed back, foldable headphones

Over-ear, open back, foldable headphones

Over-ear, closed back, foldable headphones 

Typical Application    

Live Mixing
Live Monitoring 


Studio Recording (Monitoring)
Live mixing 

Transducer Size

40 mm

50 mm

50 mm

Transducer Impedance

32 Ohms

32 Ohms

32 Ohms

Frequency Range

18 Hz - 26 kHz

15 Hz - 25 kHz

16 Hz - 28 kHz


114 dBspl/V

109 dBspl/V

109 dBspl/V


5 m coiled, detachable

5 m coiled, detachable

5 m coiled, detachable


Carrying Bag

Carrying Bag

Carrying Bag


250 g / 0.55 lb

295 g / 0.66 lb

295 g / 0.66 lb