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Small size - big sound

for houses of worship, hotels, gyms and band applications

The PT40 Mini is a wireless body-pack transmitter in a small, rugged housing, perfect for houses of worship, clubs, small stages and gyms. A professional mini XLR audio connector makes the body-pack compatible with all kinds of guitars, basses, instrumental pickups and headsets.

The PT40 Mini provides a gain control for perfect adjustment of the input volume and a noiseless on/off/mute switch. It stand-out feature is its long battery life of 30 hours on a single AA battery. It represents ultimate ease of use at an unbeatable price/performance ratio.

Unbelievable 30 hours life with a single AA battery
lowest operating cost in its class

Professional three-pin mini XLR connector
compatible with guitar cables, headset- and instrument mics

Gain control on transmitter
for immediate volume adjustment

Noiseless on/off/mute switch
to protect the connected speakers

Compact and rugged body-pack design
for maximum wearing comfort

AKG PT40Mini


System Overview

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