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Radio station reference headphones; diffuse-field equalized;
designed strictly to IRT (German Institute for Radio Technology) standards;
single cable for ease of use; semi-open, circumaural design.

Used as reference headphones by many radio stations worldwide, this model has been in the AKG catalog unchanged for ten years and has become a classic by now.

With their flat frequency response, these headphones provide an uncolored sound. The diffuse-field equalized K240 DF meets not only the stringent criteria of the IRT standard but those of professional sound engineers as well.

Created to fulfill the international IRT specification, the K240 DF establishes a uniform quality standard free from environmental variables. In fixed apposition to the ears, the sound output quality is unchanging and reliable – as opposed to loudspeaker monitors, sound from which is markedly influenced and colored by variations in control room architecture and furnishings.