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for mixing spoken words automatically

The DMM6 high-performance digital automatic microphone mixer offers automatic mixing of 6 microphones or line level signals. Engineered for spoken word applications, its DSP functions ensure precise mixing of up to 60 channels by cascading up to 10 DMM6s.

The DMM6 offers a high signal-to-noise ratio and at the same time reduces noise from multiple open microphones to a minimum. Numerous DSP functions like filters, compressor/limiter and routing make the DMM6 a good fit in a variety of spoken word applications.

Highly sophisticated 6 channel mixing algorithm
for precise mixing that never makes you miss a word again

Up to 10 units cascadable
for simultaneous use of up to 60 channels

Digital audio signal processing
eliminates distortion and significantly reduces noise levels

Intuitive User Interface
for fast and easy setup

Audio matrix routing of all channels
for creating multiple mixes of multiple output combinations