The voice of the voice

for demanding lead vocals and fine discrete recordings

The C535 EB reference handheld condenser vocal microphone is a classic, legendary microphone that we make our way. It provides the ultimate combination of excellent, highly detailed audio and exceptional ruggedness. A bass cut/roll off filter and a switchable pre-attenuation pad let you match the frequency response and output level to the most diverse recording and onstage miking situations.

The C535 EB's perfect weight distribution ensures fatigue-free handling for demanding vocalists!

One of the most legendary vocal stage microphones
valued by iconic artists for more than four decades

Delicate gold-plated condenser capsule
for detailed pickup of unique individual timbres

Perfect weight distribution from wire mesh to body
for comfortable handling over long performances

Switchable pre-attenuation pad
to adjust the output level

Bass cut/roll off filter
reduces unwanted rumble or footfall noise

Technical Specification

Audio Frequency bandwidth 20 to 20000 Hz
Sensitivity 7 mV/Pa
Equivalent Noise Level 21 dB-A
Signal to Noise 73 dB-A
Preattenuation Pad -14 dB
Bass Cut Filter 100 Hz
Electrical Impedance 200 Ohms
Recommended Load Impedance 600 Ohms
Polar Patterns
Powering Interface
Voltage 9 to 52 V
Current 2.5 mA
Audio Output
Type Balanced XLR
Gender Male
Contacts 3-pin
Body metal
Finish matte black
Dimensions / Weight
Height 184 mm
Diameter 46 mm
Net Weight 300 g


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