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One for the road

for drums, percussion, acoustic guitar and strings

The C451 B is a small-diaphragm condenser microphone with the identical acoustical behavior of its predecessor, the legendary C451 EB + CK1 capsule, which was a bestseller right from the start in 1969.

With its airy sound, high overload limit and improved engineering details, the C451 B continues the success story of this legend. The roadworthy design around the handcrafted capsule and the low-noise preamp electronics ensure impressive results even under very harsh conditions.

Aquiles Priester about AKG microphones:
Aquiles Priester

„I've been working with AKG microphones for over 10 years. All my records and DVDs (award-winning) have the signature of the AKG sound. The definition of the depth of my drums, the weight of my bass drum, the brilliance of my snare drum, and the crystal-clear sound of my cymbals, are directly connected to the choice of my microphones. Regardless of the musical style, the sound of the drums is what really matters, and my sound is AKG.“

Sound of the legendary C451 EB + CK1 capsule from 1969
delivers stunning sound quality with maximum accuracy

Established tour sound standard since the 1980s
for excellent sound quality even under harsh on-stage conditions

Impressive sound pressure level capability of 155dB SPL
allows close-miking of high-energy sound sources without distortion

Highly effective high-pass filter with 12dB/octave
prevents low-end distortion caused by rumble or wind noise

Transformerless preamp and surface mount technology
provides extremely low distortion, highest reliability and less weight

Technical Specification

Audio frequency bandwidth 20 to 20000 Hz
Equivalent noise level 18 dB-A
Sensitivity 9 mV/Pa
Signal to Noise 76 dB-A
Preattenuation Pad -10
-20 dB
Bass cut filter 75
150 Hz
Electrical impedance 200 Ohms
Recommended load impedance 1000 Ohms
Polar Patterns
Powering Interface
Voltage 9 to 52 V
Current 2 mA
Audio Output
Type Balanced XLR
Gender Male
Contacts 3-pin
Finish satin nickel plated
Dimensions / Weight
Height 160 mm
Diameter 19 mm
Net Weight 125 g
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