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Extended Service Portfolio

Additionally to the classical service our extended service portfolio includes a huge number of new services we can offer you. If you have any questions about the service categories listed below please contact directly Mr. Michael Amon michael.amon@harman.com

We enriched our offer for services and product components with the following aspects:

  • Headphone and microphone transducers (capsules) for different applications This includes capsules for telephones, miniature-microphone capsules as well as earphones / miniature loudspeakers for different applications.


  • Modification of different microphones and headphones of our existing product portfolio This includes, f.ex., the modification of plugs and cable lengths.


  • Repair service, replacement of diaphragms (reconing ) of the legendary CK 12 capsule or cleaning, repair and preparation of measurement.


  • Special solutions for different instruments (f.ex. mounting a fixed microphone into accordions or bass drums).


  • If you wish to order small series of special products (f.ex. headsets K 109 S/SB/SB-T or plug-in mics for the pocket transmitter CK 97 CVR) please contact your AKG Distributor