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Product Warranty Registration

AKG Aviation

Dear customer,

Thank you for buying an AKG Aviation product. AKG has been a leading manufacturer of microphones, headphones, and sound system products for more than sixty-five years. Numerous inventions by AKG have been patented. Users all over the world appreciate the proverbial quality of AKG equipments and we trust this product will fulfil all your needs and expectations. Should there be any problem with your product, please contact your dealer (or distributor). If you encounter difficulties to find the appropriate contact, please email service@akg.com for support.

Please note that dependent on the warranty status (registered or non-registered), AKG cannot be held responsible for any claims made beyond the functionality of the product itself. If you encounter any difficulties by operating your AKG Aviation product (independent if they result from malfunction or operating problems), please refrain from use.


Product liability legislations all over the world provide end users only with limited warranty conditions depending on the country of purchase. AKG voluntarily extends your manufacturer's product warranty by giving you the option to register online for an extended five years warranty, subject to the conditions summarized in:

Download warranty Cover

Registration Form


To activate your warranty, please complete the registration form to the right and click 'submit.' Once registered, AKG will warrant the product against evident defects in material and workmanship for a period of five years from the date of original purchase.

Please notice that AKG will not use your data for any non-product related communications or advertising. AKG will not share the data with other companies outside of Harman unless it is necessary to file or resolve your possible warranty claim.

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